When you put away the earphones

※ at the time of use, or apply excessive force to the earphone, or pull strongly the code, please caution in handling so as not to cause damage to the earphone.

1. Pull gently the earphone cord and put the earphones in Mimilii.
2. Insert the plug was pulled on Mimilii. !
This does not tangle the earphone cord.
So as not to mistake this order
3. Wrap the code

How to use

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Red mimilii

Mimilii is a new earphone accessories that would reduce the frustration caused by entanglement of the earphone cord.

Product Name: mimilii
Material: Polyurethane
Size: 65x65x55 (mm)


※ what a hole in the central portion is deviated slightly you find the rare. This is a facial expression, function on is no problem.

Black mimilii
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